donderdag 19 april 2012

Review: eylure oh my Katy Perry false lashes

A while ago I saw on the internet something about katy perry lashes.
I thought: that's kind of interesting,  Katy Perry has amazing lashes.
Of course I forgot about it, yeah that's how I am... only one week ago I saw that those lashes were sold at a local shop (kruidvat). I just bought them!
Here is a review, maybe it's nice to read it if you want to buy false lashes like this.

How does it look like?

                                                And what do you get?                                                       

  • a sticker
  • the eyelashes
  • a little 'book' about how to use the lashes
  • eyelash glue

Where are the lashes suitable for?
I think the lashes are amazing for lolita, the lashes are very pretty and make your eyes look very doll- like.I think they would be great for goth fashion,gyaru and fairy kei too.
The lashes are NOT suitable for a normal day or at work, they are very extreme.
They are too big and eye catching for a normal day! :( 

Let's try them!



 close-up eyes:

closed eyes:

What do I think about the eyelashes?
I like the fact that the lashes are very soft, I feels like it's made of feathers.
I have never had lashes that were so soft like this. This makes wearing them more confortable!
The lashes are very thick, that can make it uneasy to wear them but I don't feel that way.
Yes, they are thick but it isn't annoying.
What I don't like about the lashes is the fact that I don't get them very close to my eyes.
The lashes are way above my real lashes, I don't like that!
 I  have to live with that I guess, it's not that terrible. ^_~
I just have to put on a little more make-up on. 

About the prices?
The lashes cost 8 euro, that's not cheap I think.
I used to buy asian import lashes, those were 3~4 euro each pair.
There are many lashes which are less expensive only I think these lashes are worth it!
I don't mind spending more money on pretty and confortable lashes! <3

The lashes are pretty and very comfortable.
Only the lashes are very thick, that can be troublesome because it's very weary for your eyes.
And I can't get them really close to my real lashes, which I like the most.

To buy or not to buy?
To buy, for sure!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. oh wow, the difference! stunning!

    1. Thank you!
      My own lashes are so short even my under lashes are bigger the upper ones. Even macara won't work much, so I'm very happy with these false lashes. ^^

  2. Ziet er echt mooi uit, bedankt voor de review! Misschien ga ik ook wel een paar halen, eylure is sowieso mijn favoriete merk voor valse wimpers ^^

    1. Graag gedaan! ^^ Je hebt ze in verschillende soorten, die ik heb zijn het meest extreem maar volgens mij is de prijs wel hetzelfde.
      Eylure heeft inderdaad fijne valse wimpers, ik merk echt verschil als ik deze heb of van een ander merk. ^^

  3. Wat een verschil! De wimpers zien er goed uit ^^

    1. Dank je! Het is zeker een groot verschil! Ik heb totaal geen wimpers xD