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Elf fantasy fair Haarzuilens 2012

Hello dear followers~~
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I love this outfit!!! It's amazing!!

Yesterday I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair with my friend Rosy. ^___^
I was really looking forward to it because it's my favourite festival, I could meet many friends and meet new people. I hadn't slept well the night before so please ignore my face >.<
* that's the reason of the hearts on my face*

The sad thing about the EFF was that the weather was so bad. Rain and lots of wind, not so well if you wear a costume, lolita or whatever.
My deco stuff wasn't waterproof or windproof, I lost many things which I found back thanks to my friends and other visitors only I did not like that... I wanted to wear all the stuff not loosing it!
I even lost my contacts because of the wind O_o I found them again, that's a miracle (!) but yeah, it was still very stressfull...

Enough complaining, the weather didn't ruin my day! The EFF was still amazing! So many amazing outfits, a few examples:

Not many pictures but hopefully enough to give my followers a good impression. I just can't dressing up, modelling on pictures, meeting friends and photographing at the same time. I want to go sometimes just to make pretty pictures. ^__^

So, what did I do yesterday: first I went fixing my outfit, after that we went searching for a place without rain, then we met a friend of Rosy.
Then I went to all the nice shops on the market, after that the Lolita meeting started.
The lolita meeting was really short, also because of the weather, it started to rain after 20 minutes...
Not so nice if you wear lolita!
That's why everyone split up to another place, unfortunately!  
It was raining for more than an hour, that's why we stayed a while in a nice gothic shop.
With pretty clothes, I have lots of inspiration now!
After an hour the sun was back again, oh I can tell you, there are not many times I was so happy to see the sun! We went walking again, saw many amazing people and costumes.
Then we meet up again with the lolitas in the steampunk tent, yes that's possible. xD
Me (NyappyAnne), Danchelle and Simone

Inimimi found some friends, she is sitting on Danchelle's dress.
I hope Mimi won't like Angelic Pretty too much, that would be awful for my wallet!
I need to buy more dresses for myself not too many for Mimi~~

We stayed a while in the tent, after that we went to searching for Simone's friends.
Then we met Jannike, that was nice I haven't seen her since November.

Such a lovely outfit! ^__^

And now Rosy, she made this outfit herself! :D

And some pictures with myself on it:

Maybe I will show some more pictures, I'm not sure how many pictures I will get and if I like them enough, hahaha!
I can tell you that one photographer who made pictures from Rosy, Marcella and I at the EFF in Arcen also made some picture from me (and Rosy) at this EFF.
I hope I get them because I really liked those.
So that's all, after that we went home~~
And I was so tired...but it was a fun day!

I hope that everyone who went to the Elf Fantasy Fair had a nice day. And I really hope that the weather will be better next time.
So, I will see you at the next EFF.
And please don't be afraid to say 'hi' to me if you see me,
I don't mind if it's on the EFF or somewhere else.
Only I'm not sure if you will recognize me without my lolita wear, hahaha.

And and, I bought a wig (lockshop) and a ring before forget to tell it.
I will write about that soon.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. You look lovely in your pictures, deco loli looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! ^__^
      Such a shame you couldn't go in the end, hopefully I see you next time?
      And I saw on facebook that you bought your dream dress, congrats. ^^

  2. Je zag er heel leuk uit!♥ Echt balen van het weer, en dat de meeting zo kort duurde daardoor. Heb jullie niet meer gezien verder, wat wel jammer was. Had zo graag een foto willen maken van jullie..Misschien de volgende keer dan ^^

  3. Dank je!^__^ Ja, echt jammer :(
    Het weer was helemaal niets, ik had gehoopt dat het beter zou zijn.
    Ik had je wel een keer gezien maar je was al erg ver weg.
    Achja volgende keer beter, ik trek dit nog wel een keer aan als het beter weer is!

  4. Je zag er erg leuk uit! En inderdaad jammer van het weer! :(

  5. Dank je! Ik vond jou outfit ook heel erg gaaf! :)
    Inderdaad jammer van het weer, hopelijk volgend jaar beter.

  6. I like this post,amazing outfits and photos and you look cute :)

  7. As everything is okay I follow you back :D The EFF was amazing, but I think we could have a even worser weather as I look at Castle Fest from 2 years ago then it was rainin the whole day, no sun at all! I'm looking forward to go to Arcen again and I bet it will be great again! Maybe the birds will be nicer then ^^

    1. Yes, you are following me~~ The EFF was so much fun! Indeed, it could be worse, it wasn't raining all day and the sun was shining for nearly two hours :D
      And I'm looking forward to the elf fantasy fair in arcen, it's going to be so much fun! :D

  8. OMG so I was right. I thought I saw you at the steampunk tent but I doubted and did not ask, But now I see your prictures and I know it was you! haha

    I do agree with you that the weather was awefull. I was so cold! BUt I had a great time. Hope you did to.

    1. Yes, it was me.. I wish you said hello. It would be fun to meet up with you!
      But I think I will see you at dolliverse?

      That's nice to hear,I had a great time too, only the weather it awfull, indeed. I hope it will be better next time~~

  9. Hee!
    Wat een leuke foto's <3
    Ik ben er ook geweest, maar heb jullie helaas niet gezien :(
    Ga jij ook naar Arcen?