zaterdag 14 april 2012

Let's take a look in my treasure chest

Hello lovely followers!

New followers! Welcome ^__^
And I want to say sorry, I reply late on many blogs it's not because I'm so busy but blogger tells me too late when there is are new post. Don't worry I still read every blog I follow (yes, that takes a while but I like to do that) only that takes time.

When I got home today I saw that I got a lolita valentine! ^___^
Thank you so much, you totally made my day! <3

A few days ago I saw on Toothless Tigers, a lovely post about the items you treasure the most. I thought what a lovely idea, I want to do the same on my blog.
This is the list of my most treasured items, which I love to most.

My first lolita piece

That's my Candy House JSK from Metamorphose. I bought it 3 years ago, it was my first 'real' lolita item. I had some other lolita items only those were handmade (there's nothing wrong with handmade but at that time I hadn't much knowledge about lolita) and I don't think you could consider them as lolita, more like 'ita' items, hahaha! I was so happy when I bought this dress, it was a REAL lolita item and I could never dream to own one then. It was a difficult time for me, so it was even more special because I made one of my dreams come true. The sad thing is: I don't like it anymore, I don't think I'm ever going to wear this jsk again. It's an item I used to love only after 3 years my style changed much and it's not something I want to keep. I hope I can sell it and when I saved up enough money I want to buy a cute Angelic Pretty Jsk of the money or  a 4 'o clock jsk I'm not sure yet.


 My most beautiful lolita piece

That's my Memorial Cake jsk or my Divine Cross skirt,  I don't have a favourite. Those two were items that were on my 'dream' item list, that's why I'm very proud to have them. I love my Memorial Cake because it's cute, it has an amazing print with cakes and butterflies and it feels very comfortable when I wear it. I love my Divine Cross because I fell in love with it when I saw it, it's amazing! *_*
The Colors, the lace and the print are amazing!


 My most used lolita piece
One of my blouses or cardigans, I don't really know.
I think my baby the stars shine bright blouse or my maxicimam cardigan.

~☆~☆~My most comfortable lolita piece~☆~☆~
The old school Baby the stars shine bright jsk,  most of the time I wear it with hot weather because it's so comfortable when I wear it. It's an oldschool dress, that means it's a little bit shorter than other lolita dresses I think that's one of the reasons why I like to wear it. You don't have to be aware of the big poofy dress all the time, it's to short to create huge poof and I don't mind that at all. Oh, shirring it has shirring which doesn't make you look like a sausage and you can eat all you want~~ I love the shirring!

☆~My lolita piece with the most emotional value

The Divine Cross from Moi-même-Moitié, I worked for the skirt the whole summer. It wasn't always nice to do but when this beautiful skirt arrived it was totally worth it. I couldn't been happier! ^____^
It also reminds me of my amazing journey in Andalusia (Spain), when I was in a internetcafe I saw that this skirt went on sale in a few days. I already bought matching sockings the day after that, no, no I wasn't planning to buy that skirt when I came home! In Andalusia I saw all those amazing and beautiful churches, other nice buildings, nature, I liked the food and the local people were really nice. This skirt is a sort of memory of those nice days.
It's also my first Moi-même-Moitié item, that's my favourite brand together with Angelic Pretty. That why it was so special to me, I never thought I would have a Moi-même-Moitié item or even more in my lolita wardrobe.

My most expensive lolita piece
My Holy Stained Glass of course... I'm not very proud of that.. I guess I told that before.
I do not regret the fact that I bought it, I just regret that it's so expensive. I really like it, but I don't love it only I don't want to let it go anymore. Every month since january I became to like it more and more... Maybe after one year I will love it?! I hope so!  It's a very beautiful dress, I like the print, I love the corset and I adore the silver color of the print only I really miss the lace. I want more lace in this jsk T_T And it short, I love shorter lolita dresses, then you can't notice my short legs.

Well, how much did it cost?
 I'm not going to tell.... it was too much money, forgive me xD

I hope you liked it and I hope more people will put this on their blogs~~
Thanks Josine for making the original post, it was so nice to read yours and to fill out mine!

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  1. Hihi, you deserved that valentine ♥

    And so fun to see this post on your blog as well. It was such a good idea from Josine ^^ Your Divine Cross is such a beautifull piece, and I can completely imagine how happy you must have felt when it arrived to you, after working so long for it! That way you will appreciate it even more~♥

    1. Thank you! ^_____^

      I really liked the idea! I really love the divine cross, it's so beautiful and I'm still very happy with it. ^^ This skirt is never ever going somewhere else.

  2. woow gothic lolita very suits you!!I love divine cross print ^^

    1. Thank you so much! <3
      I love the divine cross too, it's my favourite print from moitie after the cathedral print.

  3. Wow, so nice to read this post!<3 And thank you for thanking me, it was all my pleasure hihi.

    Divine Cross is such a lovely print, I think it's really underrated :)<3 And you really deserve that valentine!

  4. I'm glad you like it!

    I love the divine cross, I think it's one of moitie's most beautiful print.
    More people should love it,hahha!
    We should twin sometimes~~

    Thank you! I was very happy when I saw it. ^^

  5. Very nice to read! I think it is very interesting to that you have both pink and black items which are important to you! ^_^

    1. Thank you! ^__^

      It's my idea of 'Moi-même-Moitié', one half of myself wants to wear dark clothes and gothic clothes and the other half of myself wants to wear cute frilly clothes which makes you look like a little doll. That's why the two most important item in my closet are pink and black.

      It's kind of remarkable that I don't want to wear bittersweet lolita, it sounds like it would be perfect for me. Still I don't like it, I think it would look so weird on me, hahaha! The only bittersweet dress that I would buy is Cherry Berry Bunny, I don't mind which color I could get, I would be so happy if I got the chance to get the print.