donderdag 1 maart 2012

~Strawberry Kisses~

Hello ^____^

Mimi is already a few weeks here at home, but I haven't post any other shoot than her box opening.
There were a lot other things on my mind recently so I haven't thought about taking pictures from Mimi, I hope you will understand...
I saw her sitting next to my bed yesterday and I thought: '' You are so cute,I need to take some pictures of you!''
So, here they are:

And Mimi wants to say something to all of you! <3

Mimi is a Pukifee Bonnie (Fairyland)
Nono is a Littfee Flora (Fairyland)
They are mine~~


It's the first of March, that means Spring is near.
It's my favorite season! I can't wait to see little lambs, kittens,other cute animals, lovely flowers and of course I can't wait until the weather is nice again! ^_^
The spring makes me feel happy!


I also can't wait to go shopping because the new spring collection in many shops is there.
I love the new collection from the H&M and Tally Weijl and I saw the collection from Zara and River Island has very lovely items too! :D
Now I know I will be broke this season, and I haven't talked about the new Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Liz Lisa collection. I'm going to be so poor >.<

Blog related news: '
  • I thinking about doing a give away next month? Who is interested? Next month is my birthday AND this blog exist one year, I would like to celebrate that! :D

  • I'm working on the handmade post, if you are wondering about that. Some things went wrong, so I need a little bit more time to finish it! :(

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mimi is so adorable with that outfit and cute hat ♥ And so tiny!

    Spring is also one of my favourite seasons! Ah, with so many lovely collections that are coming you might become broke indeed haha..

    A give away is always fun, so why not? It's nice to celebrate your birthday and your blog that way ^^

    And I'm curious about your handmade post :D

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is so tiny.. a few days ago I lost her, I couldn't find her anywhere.
      So where did she hide herself?! A friend of mine put her on Noah's head and I didn't notice that at all!

      I love the spring and this time the spring collections are very colorful. I love bright and pastel colors so this year is my wallet going to cry, hahaha!

      I'm already working on the give away, I hope everyone will like it!

      The handmade post will be very soon on my blog, I think today or tomorrow. I just need to finish the last things, I'm think I'm happy with the results!

  2. Mimi is adorable!<3

    I'm also gonna be broke, I made a list with things I want for this spring/summer, and my wallet cried almost :3

    I would love a giveaway, it's a nice way to celebrate!

    And I'm looking forward to your handmade post, you make such lovely things!

    1. Thanks! :D

      Yay, I'm not the only one :3
      My list is so long, I'm sure I can't buy it all! Still my wallet will be crying in the end of the summer, hahaha! *I also need to pay my holiday AND school >.<*

      Thanks you so much, I'm flattered! I hope you will like it! (I'm still working on your belt, I'm sorry, I'm so slow! >.<)