maandag 12 maart 2012

Lolita wishlist Spring 2012

This is my new wishlist, it changed a lot the last few months..
I thought maybe it's nice for my followers to see which clothes I'm into now ~~
It's quite different than the last one, the last one was more Black and a little bit color, this one is more bright and colorful and there are even classic items in it! I never thought that would happen!

I'm not going to buy this all, I'm sure I can't, due some reasons I can't spend too much money on lolita items because there are other things which are more important...
Making wishlist is so much fun, I can't help doing that once in a while. ^___~


Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK
Chiffon Stripe Rose Innocent World

Fleur Antoinette OP (2012)
Fleur Antoinette OP Mary Magdalene

Cherry Berry Bunny Chest Ribbon JSK
Cherry Berry Bunny Jsk Angelic Pretty

Sheep Garden Angelic Pretty

Crucifix JSK
Crucifix Jsk Juliette et Justine

Cathedral JSK
Moi-même-Moitié Cathedral Jsk

Skirts and Salopettes:
Angelic Pretty Fancy Box

??? Can anyone name it for me?

Rosery solennel jupe

Rosery Solennel jupe Juliette et Justine

Amour d'amants jupe
Amour d'amants skirt Juliette et Justine


Angelic Pretty Hat
Veil Claris Silk Hat
Veil Claris Silk Hat AatP

Angelic Pretty Logo Socks

Angelic Pretty white lace socks

Bags & other:

Macaron ring

Angelic Pretty ribbon necklace

Angelic Pretty bag

Heart Scallop Frill Sandals Innocent World
Angelic Pretty Shoes

That's all I guess?!
What (lolita) item/clothing do you want to have the most at the moment?
I think I want to have the innocent world shoes or maybe a bolero only I don't mind from which brand so it's not in this list..

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I really like your wishlist, especially the Moitie and JetJ items!<3

    My wishlist at the moment contains more JetJ dresses, IW dorothy shoes in black and Victorian hats!

  2. I like your wishlist! specially the J&J items :)

  3. I love your wishlist! I see many items I love myself, especially the JetJ items, and Moitié. And I also like that hat :D