vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Silenced by The Night

Lucky you, no silence in this post! I wanted to show some meet-up pictures, my new angelic pretty handmade hat, my tumblr and some random things ~~

Last sunday there was a lolita meeting in the Hermitage in Amsterdam.I went with my friend Ellis, I hadn't seen her for so long because of her studies, so it was nice to see her again. A couple of lolita friends and I went to the Rubens, van Dyck&Jordaens exibition. I was really amazed by those extremely beautiful paintings, it was so incredible! And everyones outfits looked also very nice, everyone wore such an amazing outfits. Thanks for the nice day, I had so much fun!


My face is ruining the picture ( NOOOOOOO, not again >.<)



Group picture in the restaurant, unfortunately without Dieuwke, she arrived later in the restaurant.
I really liked Josine's skirt, it was such an amazing outfit.
I would love to have that skirt or the Amour d'amants skirt, but I don't think that's ever going to happen..
A girl can have wishes, right. ^__~
And I really liked Maaike's headdress, it was so beautiful! ^___^
All these lovely classic and gothic outfits makes me want to wear gothic again and makes me want to start wearing classic.

I would like to show some other pictures, but don't think it's okay to post them because I'm not one these picture and I'm not the photographer. I'm sorry if you don't like using your photo(s) please tell me, I will remove it as soon as possible! ALL pictures by Marloes!


New hat! ^__^
Recently I saw this amazing Angelic Pretty hat, and I fell in love with it. I needed that hat in my life, only I was broke.. again  >.<
I decided to make one myself, only it turned out a little bit different than I expected, only I don't mind. I'm very pleased with the result.

I hope you like it too! I going to call it: Flowery Bird Nest Romance ^__^
Deco hats need weird names, right?!


And some other news: I have tumblr now!
I still need to find out how it works, I found out much but not everything, hahha.
I would be nice if I can follow you, I love to get more inspiration and it would be awesome if you are going to follow me! :D

Look at all the bright colors, it's so colorfull that I'm going to be scared! xD
Maybe you are wondering what's going to be on my tumblr? For now, I think you can find (in the future) many pictures of different (japanese) styles and fashion, dolls, cute animals, just things that makes me happy or thing which are beautiful or interesting!

Some nice pictures:


Candy Candy- Kyary Pamyu Pampy
I love her songs and her style! <3

Keane- Silenced by the Night
I love this song, it's from their new album Strangeland, I need that in my life,
unfortunately I need to wait until 7 May.

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  1. Your dress looks lovely on you! Sounds like the meetup was alot of fun! I wish I was able to come along but I had something else planned.

    And your selfmade headdress is cute! I think the name suits it well haha.

    I'm really looking forward to spring now, after seeing those photo's :D