woensdag 21 maart 2012

Lolita Wardrobe post 2012

Hello everyone! ^__^

Long time no see! I can explane it, it's because of tumblr, I really addicted to tumblr, hahaha!
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Enough shameless blog promoting! >.<
I want you to show you something really interesting, at least I hope you think it's interesting otherwise I'm going to cry...
I'm going to show you my lolita 'closet' and I'm going to tell a few things about it!

Angelic Pretty handmade replica 
 I didn't made this all credits to my mum and aunt.

Moi-même-Moitié Holy Stained Glass Jsk
Baby the stars Shine bright & Memorial Cake Angelic Pretty
Handmade jsk & Candy House Metamorphose


Metamorphose gingham cherry skirt

Blouses & Cardigan:

Offbrand, H&M and Fly Away Fashion

Baby the stars shine bright & Angelic Pretty

H&M & Tally Weijl

Maxicimam (my favourite lolita item, I wore it the most)

All bodyline (I'm a bad girl, no burando shoes xD)


Baby the stars shine bright 2x, secret shop, Metamorphose, Moi-même-Moitié and offbrand.


 Umbrella: Baby the stars shine bright
Bird hat: handmade
Rest: Offbrand


Headdress: Rosa Nitida
Belt: Handmade
The three gold necklaces: Michal Negrin
Necklace: Midi-Nette
Bat Necklace: Offbrand
Rest: Offbrand
What do you think?
I very happy with these clothes and other items..
But I'm not so pleased with the metamorphose skirt and jsk, it doesn't fit in my style anymore.
I hope I can sell those items very soon..
My closet is so much fuller than the year before, all the handmade items are new, the hats, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 new blouses and 2 new jsk's.
 That's pretty much for one year, I think! o_O
This year I want to do things differently, I want to finish my green jsk, make a petticoat for myself and make a classic jsk with flowers. I also want to learn how to make hats, I love hats so it would be awesome if I become better in making them.
Things I need: I need to buy new white socks, from meta or angelic pretty.
 I need white shoes, I thought I found amazing new shoes but they are too big! Such a shame...
I also need a pink blouse,a new petticoat and a black umbrella.
Things I want to buy: I want a new Angelic Pretty jsk, one with a cute print. Angelic Pretty socks, an Angelic Pretty headbow. I also would love to have a simple black jsk, an oldschool one would be great! <3 And a classic jsk would be nice, I want to wear classic, it's an amazing and elegant style.
I don't understand why I never thought of wearing it!
Things I don't need/ I'm NOT going to buy: expensive Moi-même-Moitié stuff, (when it's not on my wishlist) Metamorphose jsks or skirt because I love them one week and after that I don't like those clothes anymore, black hats, too expensive dresses.
Thanks for watching! <3
Many hugs,

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, ik ben best jaloers!
    Je hebt er mooie spullen tussen zitten :D
    I love dat eerste rokje♥

  2. Hihi dank je! ^__^

    Maar ik ben alweer bijna vier jaar bezig, ik heb kledingkasten gezien van mensen die korter bezig zijn dan ik en die hebben drie keer zoveel O_o
    Alleen ik kan wel zeggen dat al deze kleding echt gedragen wordt, en dat ik behalve twee items er dol op ben.

    Vaak vraag ik me dat wel af bij lolitas die echt hele grote kledingkasten hebben.
    Dat eerste rokje zit trouwens in de verkoop, als je intresse hebt weet je me te vinden, hahaha! :P


  3. Wauw ik ben best jarloes op je! vooral op de Holy Stained Glass Jsk. Je hats collectie is ook erg prachtig.

    1. Bedankt! :D
      Ik ben ook erg blij met de HSG jsk (uiteindelijk toch wel) en ik ben dol op mijn hoeden collectie, ik snap niet waarom ik niet eerder begonnen ben met hoeden verzamelen!

  4. I like your wardrobe! You have a lot of beautiful items in it! ^^

    (and I still love your pink meta gingham skirt... Too bad I wouldn't wear it myself or else I would have bought it from you. :p)

    The item I like most from your wardrobe is the Moi meme Moitie blouse. It is so pretty and elegant! *___*

    1. Thank you! ^__^
      Aww too bad, it's a beautiful skirt but I have the same problem, I love it but I don't feel comfortable wearing it.. :(
      And it doesn't fit in my style anymore..

      The Moitie blouse is also one of my favorites! ^^

  5. I'm lusting over your Moitie blouse, it is so pretty!<3
    Also, the black flower headband is very nice!^^

    1. Thanks you! :D
      The black flower headband is from the V&D, maybe they still have it? I'm not sure..

  6. Je hebt een hele leuke lolita wardrobe <3