zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Princess Diaries

I would like to talk about Hime Lolita, one of the beautiful substyles of lolita that needs a little bit more love, I think. Many people think Hime Lolita is always sweet and cute, I don't think that's right.
Yes, it can be worn with a sweet lolita influence, but it can be worn with classic and even gothic.
It doesn't have to be sweet all the time!
Hime Lolita is about looking elegant, even more than the other lolita (sub)styles, it's has a classy look.
It has more accessories than sweet lolita, gothic lolita or classic lolita but not too much, then it would be Deco or OTT Lolita. Flowers, tiara's, gloves and fancy jewerly are very populair among Hime Lolitas, as long as it looks classy with a little touch of cuteness.
Hime Lolita is more influenced by fashion from the rococo era than all the other lolita styles. In the Hime Lolita style borrow the lolitas the fashion from then, with some changes from now, which makes it more comfortable to wear. 
      Hime Lolita isn't always super sweet:

 It's not the most easy style to wear, if you wear too much accessoiries you won't be wearing Hime Lolita, you will be a OTT Lolita.
And many people compare Hime Lolita with Hime Gyaru, only that's a different style. There are many similarities but it always will be a different style, please remember that! It's not a shame to use Hime Gyaru as an inspirition, I think that great, only remember that  if you want to wear Hime Lolita you need to think about the basic of your outfit. (dress,blouse,PETTICOAT, socks/stockings,ect.)

Let me show you the difference between Hime Lolita and Hime Gyaru:

This is Hime Lolita:

This is Hime Gyaru:

Can you see the differences? I can see it!
  • Other Make-up.
  • The Hime Gyaru girl wear a shorter skirt and no petticoat.
  • Hime Gyaru shows more 'skin'.
  • The hair: Hime Gyaru hair is often bigger than Hime Lolita hair, but it can be a great inspiration!
What's important for a Hime Lolita outfit?
Let me explane:

1. The tiara, crown,hat,bonnet or flowers make the outfit more princess like.
2. The Hair, most of the time it's in the famous hime cut, bigger than
normal. Most or the time Hime hair is curly, it can be without curls then it needs to be long.
3. The shoes, those are very important.
4. Jewelry, this makes the outfit more elegant. Pearls,
flowers and ribbons are very popular.
5. The blouse, if you wear a jsk, please wear a blouse
with it or wirstcuffs. I prefer the blouse, only if you make
a good coord it's possible without it...
If you wear lolita without a blouse you cannot call it Hime Lolita immidiately.
6. The petticoat, that's a must for every lolita outfit!

Inspiration pictures for Hime Lolita hair:
(feel free to ask for bigger pictures)

Outfit inspiration:

I would love to see some more lovely Hime Lolitas and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to wear the style very soon. 
I would be so happy if this style became more popular. ^____^
I already have some ideas on my mind, so stay tuned!
I hope that I can afford the new dress I want, first I need to save up, of course...

I got two questions for all of you:

How do you think about Hime Lolita?

Can you tell me where I can find some more
Hime Lolita pictures which are more gothic
or classic inspired?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hime lolita looks very cute and clasdy. I would love to see such outfits more ♥

  2. I love hime lolita!<3 Especially gothic and classic hime, but you don't see them that often. I often improvise and get inspired by sweet hime lolita, and try to get the same accessories in black or other colours. And of course a black dress. I would love to have more hime dresses, I currently have two, and still need to coord those properly.

    I'm curious how your coord is going to turn out!<3

  3. @Niesje: Yes, it is! Me too, it would be great if there were more people that wear hime lolita often.

    @Josine: Me too! It's so pretty. *_* It's such a shame that there aren't many lolitas who wear gothic and classic hime, I like it more than sweet hime lolita.
    Yes, I'm going to wear sweet hime, but I got some ideas to make it more interesting.

    I'm also very curious how your hime coords are going to look like! :D

  4. I love hime lolita! Though I only worn it once so far, a gothic/kuro hime lolita look at the Mfashion fashion show at the Summer Darkness. I should really wear it more often.

    I am looking to your future hime coord! ^_^

  5. That coord for the Mfashion fashion show was really pretty! I totally agree with you, you should wear it more often. ^__^

    Thanks, my first items arrived today, I hope I can finish my coord very soon!