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Review: Rosa Nitida

Hello everyone!

I said a couple of days ago that I wanted to do a review of Rosa Nitida, I bought already a amazing headdress from Iira's brand Rosa Nitida only this review is going to be about the pirate hat I bought.

About Rosa Nitida
Rosa Nitida

 Rosa Nitida is... an independent clothing brand for styles such as aristocrat and lolita. I make and design all my items myself including hats, headdresses, dresses, chokers, hand bags etc. Most of the designs and commissions are made for gothic styles and are heavily inspired by feathers, roses, crosses and pearls. I will upload more better quality pictures once I have finsihed most of the commissions for now and took proper pictures of the new "collection".

This is what Iira says about her own brand. It's a gothic lolita and aristocrat brand, which sells unique pieces of clothing. Sometimes there are items in stock,most of the the items from Rosa Nitida are commissions (unique items you can order yourself). The hat I have bought is also commission but I wasn't meant for me in the beginning only the actual buyer cancelled it. So I was the lucky person who could buy this amazing pirate hat! *_*

Stock picture:

How could I not want to buy this beautiful hat! <3

I bought the hat in half December, Iira told me she wasn't able to send it to me before the 27th of December because she went to Finland.
That wasn't a problem for me because I needed the hat for the pirate meeting in January.
A couple of days the 27th I still hadn't received anything yet, so I decided to sent her an email.
Iira kindly respond that she wasn't able to send it to me due her other job.
I received the parcel very quickly after I had send her the email. ( I think in one or two days?)
The parcel was well packed, there was a nice letter inside and the hat of course, haha!

The Design:
I totally love the hat, it's has all kinds of decoration: flowers, feathers, lace,shiny little 'stones' and crosses and a veil to cover you face.
The hat has this amazing elegant feeling over it and it's very unique.
It's a tricon hat and in the hat there are feathers, and blue (MMM blue *_*) roses, this makes the hat even more beautiful!
I think if there were any real lolita pirates many years ago, they all wanted to steal this hat, haha!
I'm joking ^_~

Little movie of the hat:

The front
The Back

The hat is well-made, it's solid. It will not be ruined when it would fall. The fabrics are amazing and very suitable for lolita fashion.

Now the more unfortunate part of the story, the hat wouldn't fit at first. When I tried it on, it fell from my head right away. I tried to add some pins, to let in stay on my head, that didn't work either.
It just didn't fit! It even got worse when I tried it with my wig on.
My head was too big for it...
I was kind of sad because of it, it wasn't because I was dissapointed in Rosa Nitida of course not!
I was sad because I couldn't wear this beautiful hat! :(

 It was not fitting well then...

Iira wrote in the letter that was included with the hat that if there was anything I'd like to change, I could ask her. I contacted her and told her that the hat won't fit, first she gave me some tips to wear the hat only that didn't work, my head was still too big, hahaha! (I'm laughing about it now, but I nearly cried about it then...)
So.. there was a big problem! The meeting was in too weeks, I couldn't send the hat back because of personal reasons. o_O What to do?!

Iira told me that it was possible for her to attend the meeting and to fix the hat there in the restaurant.
The problem was solved by then and I could wear this amazing hat at the meeting!
Thank you so much for all the worries and for fixing the hat! Now it's fits perfectly! ^^

    Hat worn without wig:

(I need to dye my hair again, lol!)
The hat cost me 90 euro including shipping, which is extremely cheap for a hat like this.
At the time I hadn't much money to spend so that was the highest bid I could offer.
I'm a lucky person, that I could buy it for that price. ^_^
Paying was very easy with paypal.


I would totally buy again from Rosa Nitida, the designs are amazing, well-made and unique.
The service is great, Iira is a nice person and she when I said the hat didn't fit me she fixed my hat.
She even went to Breda to fix my hat!

What are you waiting for?!!
Go to the Rosa Nitida Blog and order something! :D 

More information about Rosa Nitida:

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  1. The hat looks incredible, really amazing. And it looks so good on you. Good review as well!

  2. Thank you! ^^
    I'm glad to hear that the review is helpful!