vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Lolita fashion ♥ hats

Every outfit needs a good hat. Hats are awesome and I hope more lolitas will notice this. So store away your headbows, flowers, hair clips & bonnets and read this blog post. Here are 5 reasons why you should wear a hat!

1. Lolita hats are unfairly undervalued.

There are just a few lolitas who wear hats. Lolita hats are unfairly undervalued. That's probably because of the popularity of headbows,hair clips/hairpins and bonnets. Lolitas should leave their comfort zone and try to wear hats. I'm pretty sure hats can be the new lolita trend. It's a pity lolita hats always seen to be forgotten.

I really love hats since a few years. Other hair accessories aren't good for me. Hats can be cute and elegant. Hats make my outfits more special, I think. That's why more lolitas should wear hats. It's nice to see special and unique outfits! ♥ ♥

My lolita coords with a hat

2. There are so many amazing hat designs.

Maybe you have never noticed it, but every lolita brand sells beautiful hats. There aren't many hats in their collections. Only the hats that are sold are amazing. Especially those elegant hats from Alice and the Pirates. Or think about the cute OTT hats from Angelic Pretty. Who doesn't want to have a cupcake hat?! Just take a look at the hair accessories selection from your favorite brand. I'm pretty sure they sell one or two hats. 

                  These hats are my favorites

Angelic Pretty

Rosa Nitida

3. Hats are more easy to find in normal stores than other lolita hair accessories.

Many normal shops sell hats. Even the H&M sells some cute straw hats and sometimes casual hats. Those hats are easy to customize, you don't need special skills for that. Vintage shops are also nice places to find hats. I usually get my hats there. Vintage hats are unique and most of the time a lot cheaper than hats from lolita brands. So it's easier and cheaper to go to your local vintage shop to buy a new hat instead of ordering something from Japan.

It also can be a nice meetup idea. It would be a nice idea to go to vintage shops with your local community. Afterwards everyone can customize their own hats.

4. Hats complete outfits.

That's true! Hats make outfits more elegant and eye-catching.

5. Just look at these examples! Aren't you convinced by now?!

                          Source: Google

Source: Tumblr

My friend Josine
Source: Tumblr

Let's start a new trend!! Tell all your lolita friends to wear at least one hat this summer.Lolita hats are awesome and they deserve more love. ^__^

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