zaterdag 15 juni 2013

In the spotlight: Polly Pocket

Hello dear followers!! :D

This time I want to talk about Polly Pocket. Polly Pocket sets are toys for girls. I collect the little Polly Pockets sets not the bigger dolls. I used to have them, only I sold them because I needed money for other things. (lolita of course :P) Maybe you know them if you were a kid in the nineties. Small Polly Pocket sets exist of a box and a few tiny dolls. Most of the time it's a box but it's also possible to have fun fair, a shopping mall ect. Sounds fun right? The reason why I like these toys so much is because I bought a Polly Pocket set from my first pocket money. That set was literately the first thing I bought in my life.

A Polly Pocket ad from 1994

(The first set is part of my collection)

It's a house in a heart box. Why in a heart box? It's the house of a groom & bride and they are going to marry. So romantic! And look at all those tiny little details. There's a fountain, a couch & horse. Just look at the wedding cake and all those gifts ~~ I feel a little bit bad for the groom because of all the pastel colors and girly things, hahaha!

I collected Polly Pocket sets since I was four, I stopped when those weren't sold at my local toy shop. A few years ago I started to collect those little sets again. I don't buy those sets on the internet that's why I don't have a huge amount of them. All those sets are from childhood friends or from fly markets. It makes it more special to buy or to get them as gift. Maybe I will buy my favorite sets on the internet only I'm not sure I will find those. There are so many sets and most of my favorites are very rare.

The second set I want to show is a merry-go-round. There is a cafe above the merry-go-round were Polly and her friends can eat delicious sweets. It can twist for real and there's a secret slide on the top of the merry-go-round. 

Let's take a look at one of my smallest Polly Pocket sets. It's a school bus, but there's a classroom inside of it.

Now it's time to show my favorite Polly Pocket set. It's a little village! Look at all these shops, cute isn't it? It's also a special set, because it's magnetic. You can let Polly walk through her own village. With a special button it connects with the doll and then you can control the little doll. Do you want to go to the shop or are you going to meet your friends in the park?

This are my favorite Polly Pocket dolls. They all have blonde hair, I thought it was the cutest hair color when I was younger. The doll in the middle was my favorite because of her golden shoes.

I have about ten of these sets. I know I'm too old to buy toys, but who cares? I like to collect toys. ^_^ Cute things make my life a little bit brighter. It's not a bad thing to collect toys for that reason, I guess.

Peachie, a famous sweet lolita also collects Polly Pocket. Please watch this video!In this video she talks about vintage toys including Polly Pocket.

I would like to ask my lovely followers:

What do you collect and why do you like those things so much?

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  1. I used to have these Polly Pockets as well when I was a kid. I loved them ♥ I also remember I had a similair one of Snow white..Sometimes I wish I still have them, just to bring back all those memories :) I didn't owned the sets you showed here, so it's nice to see them as well!

    1. I really like them too! Polly Pockets were my favorite toys. You used to have the snow white one, that set is so cute! I'm so happy that I still have my Polly Pockets because of all those memories. :) I'm glad you liked to see my sets. ^__^