donderdag 25 april 2013

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2013

Last week I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair, like I told you when I showed my outfit. First I wasn't sure about going just for one day or the whole weekend. I already bought my Saturday ticket but I was too tired in the evening to visit the EFF on Sunday. It was an amazing day! I saw so many friends and even a few friends which I haven't seen for about half a year. My life is far too busy these days...It was so great to talk with them again. ^__^

A wonderful visitor

I needed to travel to Haarzuilens all alone, so I was a little bit scared at first. I don't like to the travel all alone when wearing lolita. I guess I was worrying too much, many people were really nice to me and asked where I was going and why I was dressed up like that. In the morning I went to visit some shops at the market with Simone, her boyfriend and a friend. Then I met up with Marcella and her boyfriend by accident, I was so surprised because when I talked to her last time she wasn't sure about visiting the Elf. There should have been a lolita meeting at 13.00 only just a few lolitas showed up and the group left. My day existed finding out where my friends where, there where so many people at the Elf Fantasy Fair there is no way you can find someone easily! Then I was only left with Damien and his partner, we lost all the others. We went to the steampunk area, it was awesome! All those amazing detailed costumes and furniture. That's why I like steampunk so much.

Steampunk curiosity cabinet <3

After that I saw some frogs in the water ~~ I love frogs so I had to take a picture!

The frogs 

After visiting some shops I saw my friend Rosy and I decided to go to a lecture from Linda Ravenscroft with her. The lecture was great, she even showed some of her original works. ^__^ She is such a wonderful person. 

Then we did some shopping, I bought a book from Oscar Wilde and a muffin. I already ate the muffin (!!) and maybe I will show the book later. 

I don't have many pictures for on my blog. Please visit Damiëns blog for amazing Elf Fantasy Fair pictures!

Picture time

This is it for now, maybe I get more pictures soon?
Thanks for reading! <3

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