donderdag 11 april 2013

Birthday + Visiting Valkhof Museum

Hello lovely readers,

Like I promised, I will try to write more on my blog. My birthday was a few days ago (April 4th), it was a wonderful day and I spent it with some friends and family. No big party because my birthday was in the middle of my 'exam week'. Instead of that I decided to celebrate it also on Sunday and I went to a restaurant with my two best friends the week before.

My birthday was nice, I got so many gifts and I've spent the day with nice people. <3
Unfortunately I was extremely tired....That's why I don't have picture from my real birthday, I probably would look horrible if I did take pictures hahha! 

Let me show my presents:

Birthday Cards

So many cards, I got 20 cards for my birthday! <3

I feel so spoiled right now... Thank you all so much for this lovely presents!!! ^___^

On Sunday I went to the Valkhof museum in Nijmegen with some lolita friends to celebrate my birthday. We went to the exhibition called Uit de Plooi: de 18de eeuw in beweging. The exhibition is about the Netherlands in the 18th century. Many different objects and subjects are shown in the exhibition, from fashion to politics, from paintings to clocks etc. I was very excited to visit this exhibition because I think that the 18th century is very interesting and it's also a little bit related to lolita fashion. I could tell you so much more about this but I don't want to bother you with it, hahaha. 

First an impression of the exhibition

!Pictures are NOT MINE, those are from Damiën!

Beautiful dress, it's 100 times more beautiful in real life!

They use to have tiny feet, it's so strange to imagine that!
Happy fish!

My outfit

Dress: 4 O'Clock
Gloves: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Fly Away Fashion
Necklace: Michal Negrin

It was a great day, I'm so happy with my wonderful present and I'm very happy that I could celebrate my birthday with amazing people !!! <3

Thank you!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Lol, the happy dead fish! :p
    You have gotten such wonderfull gifts, I like the box in the first photo, very cute and adorable :D
    It was such a fun day, thank you for the invite, I had a blast! And I loved your outfit, that dress looks even more beautiful in real ♥ Suits you perfectly!

    1. That fish is so funny! :P
      I got such a wonderful gifts, that makes me so happy. I also really like to box it's a gift from Rosy she made it herself. It's so cute, I love the sheep garden print. ^___^

      That great I'm so glad that you also had a nice day. And thank you so much!

  2. *OO* You are very cute!
    Happy birthay!

  3. Oh i didn't know it was your birthday, happy belated birthday violet!
    Wow 20 cards, i guess you must have a lot of friends. I don't get cards on my birthday much, i don't think its an habit here which is a shame!
    You got so many fantastic gifts! People really tried giving you something you'd like and it shows. Well seems like you had a blast, i'm happy for you.

    1. Thank you! I never mentioned it before so you couldn't know it. ^_~
      It's a sort of tradition here, when it's someones birthday you send a card or you bring a card with you when you visit someone. It's nice to get cards, I always love to see what's written inside them. I'm such a lucky person to get so many cards and amazing gifts. I feel so spoiled right now but I'm very happy that so many people (friends and family) put so much effort in finding gifts I would like to get. ^__^