vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Rococo Lolita meeting

Last Sunday I organized a meeting with my friend Josine. I'm a huge fan of themed meetings unfortunately my community doesn't organize many of them. Such a shame of course, the Dutch community needs more themed meetings because it's nice to wear a special outfit for a certain meeting. A few months ago I told Josine that I wanted to attend more themed meeting especially a Rococo Lolita meeting. That's why we decided to organize one. ~~

We went to a lovely restaurant in Utrecht, I loved the ambiance of the restaurant. The restaurant had a Victorian look, not really Rococo but well, it looked amazing and the food was amazing. It was nice to be back, it was the same restaurant were I had my first lolita meeting. And one of my best friend went with me to the meeting, she didn't attend a lolita meetings for a long time. 

What did we do? We went to the restaurant to do an afternoon tea (high tea) and we talked a lot about lolita and other things. The Afternoon tea was very delicious like I said before, it was one of the best I've ever had. Sandwiches, scones, muffins, pancakes and much more...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ FOOD ♥ ♥ ♥ 

After the high tea we went to visit a beautiful church which I never visited before.
It was hidden between other buildings, the church is not outstanding and I first thought it would be a small chapel. I was really surprised, it wasn't a small chapel but a big church with the most amazing colors and decoration. It's the St. Willibrordkerk, (kerk = Dutch for church) the church is located near the Domkerk (Domchurch) and it's really worth to take a look if you are close.

Source: Google

We had to leave the church because of preparations for the mass later in the evening. I'm sure I'm going back it's such an unique church! Then we went to the Domtuin for taking some nice pictures of the group. Everyone wore lovely outfits, I'm so happy people have put so much effort in their outfits. ^^

The Group

Lany and I
with Yvette

Me & Josine

Lory, Lany & I

I had a great day! Thank you so much everyone. ^__^
It's looks like a lot of fun to organize meetings only it's also hard work. I'm glad everything went well... I was worrying too much, I think!

My outfit

Dress: 4 O'Clock
Gloves: Vintage
Necklace: offbrand
Stockings: Fly Away fashion
Shoes: Fly away fashion

When I wrote this I realized that the outfit is completely Dutch.
All the items are from Dutch shops, I never thought about it.
I guess we have some amazing shops! ^_~

Thanks for watching <3
See you next time with the Fairy Tale meeting!!! (more information about that soon) Pictures by: Yvette, Lory and myself.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You looked amazing!! That dress is stunning on you :D I hope there will be more themed meet-ups because they are much fun, and I hope I will be able to go then ^^ The church looks fantastic, wow!! And fun to see that your friend also came along, after such a long time ^^

  2. Thank you very much!! There will be more themed meetups very soon I'm sure of that. I know more about at least one, the fairy tale meetup. (the event will come on facebook soon) I hope you are able to come! I love that church it's amazing. I never saw a such like that, very unique ^^ It was nice that my friend also went to the meetup, a few years ago we went always together to lolita meetups only she hasn't got many time and got other interests even though she still likes lolita.

    1. Yes, I remember her from those early meet-ups!
      A fairytale meet-up sounds fantastic, I love it! ♥

    2. Oh, you remember it's a long time ago about 3 years I guess? It would be nice if she would attend meetings more often. ^^

      I totally love the idea of a fairytale meeting, I can't wait. I hope everything will be fine with the location, it's so awesome. I hope I can tell you more very soon. ^__^