vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival:The historical era that most influences my lolita style.

Long time no see other Lolita Blog Carnival Bloggers! I couldn't blog very often the past few weeks and I really like to read other blogs when I write for the Lolita Blog Carnival myself but I had no time. 

The Victorian Era

The historical era that influence me the most is the Victorian era, Victorian fashion is so elegant,feminine and extremely detailed. That's exactly the reason why I like lolita fashion!
I also like the corsets that are often used for making the waist as tiny as possible. I should not exaggerate this because in the Victoria era the waist was so tiny that women even died by complications.I like a small healthy waist, not too tiny hahaha!

As many of you already know I love hats and the most amazing hats are from the Victorian era. There are many different hats in different styles with lots of accessories, those hats make the outfits that are already so beautiful even more elegant and beautiful. Let me show you an example from a fashion book in the late Victorian era.

Those hats are amazing, aren't they? I hope you can understand what I mean now. Bonnets and hats were very popular in the Victorian Era so it explains why there are so many beautiful examples from those items. I have an Victorian inspired pirate hat (a little bit anachronistic, I know) and two simple Victorian inspired hats. I also love gloves which it's the kind of accessories that make an outfit more elegant. Don't forget the bustle skirts! That's typical for the Victorian era and it's popular in lolita fashion too. I would love to have a jsk with bustle skirt some day. 

The last reason why I love Victorian fashion is the diversity. The Victorian era is strongly influenced by the reign of Queen Victoria from June 1837 until January 1901. Victorian fashion comprises many trends and fashions in the British culture. The Victorian era covers nearly two thirds of the 19th century that's why there are many different styles and different use of colors within Victorian fashion. I not the kind of person who wears only one color or specific style... This era must be perfect for me, don't you think?!

Maybe you are wondering why I've chosen the Victorian era as historical era that influence me the most.
I have to admit it was so difficult to pick just one historical era, I love Renaissance inspired fashion, I love Middle Ages inspired fashion, I adore Rococo inspired fashion and Victorian inspired fashion. I just can't make a decision! Because of my love for hats, the small waist and the simple yet pure elegant outfits the Victorian era influence me the most I think. 


 More soon!

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  1. Those hats look woderfull! And I can imagine why you would pick this era as your favourite, I love how elegant the outfits look like, especially the small waist ♥