vrijdag 23 november 2012

Formspring question: Are there any lolitas you look up to as a person?

Someone asked me this on formspring:

Are there any lolitas you look up to as a person?

My answer

Hello ^__^

Thank you for your question! There are lolitas which I look up to as a person. It's true that I met so many inspiring people through lolita. It's a good question, I try to answer it as good as I can. This is kind of different from my lolita idols because that's more about clothes...  
I need to meet someone to look up to someone I think... the internet is a nice place for inspiration only you never know whose the person behind it. I mean you can hide a lot about who you really are on the internet, that's why!

Linda Friesen
I really look up to her because she always looks amazing as lolita. And she is an amazing designer every piece of clothing she made is so perfect *_*  It's my dream to design and make as beautiful clothes like her.  Have you ever heard of 4 'O Clock?  ( The brand name was Mirror in the beginning) That's her brand! Please take a look at this facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/4oclockbylindafriesen

Iira is one of the most wonderful persons I have ever met. She is such a nice person, an amazing lolita and she makes absolutely beautiful clothes for her brand Rosa Nitida. Her style is so unique and beautiful, I wish I could be so lady like when I wear lolita. Her blog: http://rosanitida.blogspot.com/

She is such a nice person and a beautiful lolita. Her artwork is so cute and beautiful, I wish a could draw and paint like that. ^___^ This is her tumblr: http://pinkish-white.tumblr.com/

I have to admit that look up to everyone who has the guts to wear lolita, it's not easy. Wearing lolita means standing out of the crowd.There are always shitty people who say hurtful things and some people never understand the style. I guess we are all brave enough, hahaha! I like brave people :) 

Please take a look on my blog for pictures ~~~
And thanks again for your question!

Have a nice day!
Best wishes,


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  1. These wonderfull three people you look up to are such inspirations, and I also look up to them alot. They have a wonderfull, kind and warm personality, and are all very talented and creative ♥