maandag 2 juli 2012

Little green monster dress ^__^

Hello everyone! <3

A blog update! Yay! I want to update my blog more often but the last few weeks I couldn't find anymore time...ughh...

There is good news, I finished my green dress which was inspired on this green Moi-même-Moitié jsk. It's not exactly the same, it looks really like it only I changed a few things I didn't like. I had no green lace, I don't see that as a problem because I thought it would turn out the wrong way. Good quality green lace is very rare I suppose, I haven't find it. And I personaly think it's too much, green lace on a green dress! Oh, by the way, is it true that the real dress also has blue lace on it? I want to know, I'm not sure..

Cross Arch Lace Up JSK

So...this is the real one~~
Let's show mine! ^____^

First work in progress:

this is part of the skirt, it's 275 cm long O_o The little yellow thing on the fabric is a bird (not a real one) it about 5cm..

Anyone curious about the finished dress? Yes? Okay, I will show it! ^__^

That's it? I very happy with the result! I never thought it was going to be like this!
Green is a very diffiult color when you talk about lolita so I was kind of scared because I thought:  ''maybe it's going to look very ita-ish''
Luckily it doesn't look cheap!

I call it the little green monster dress because it was so much work to make this.. there were many times I lost my way while I was sewing the skirt. The skirt(s) was big enough to use it as a tent xD
Very usefull if you can't go home anymore when the last train just left? Hahaha..  

Some interesting facts:
* The dress exist of 3 meter fabric
* More than 6 meter lace
* 4 meter black band
* The fabric 100 % cotton
* I spend three months working on this dress
* The corset doesn't work it's only there to be pretty xD

So, how does it look like when I wear it!????

Outfit shot:


Jsk: Handmade
Blouse: Moi-même-Moitié
Necklace: Midi-Nette
Heart Stockings: H&M
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Hat: Vintage

I hope you will like the dress! ^____^
See you next time!

* I need to write alot more posts, I hope you don't mind.. I'm far behind*

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, that is a lovely dress! I think it looks absolutely wonderful, and so much better with the black lace than with green lace. And coloured lace is indeed hard to find, especially in a good quality. So most people who want coloured lace, buy white lace and then dye it the right colour.
    But still I think that the black lace looks much better and I also love the way it looks on the pictures when worn!

    And never be afraid to use an unusual colour in a lolita outfit. As long as the quality is good and the shape is right, then it is not ita. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! I don't like the greenish lace that's why I decided not to use it. Also because I was lazy, I saw this lovely black lace which I already used before and I knew it would look nice... too lazy to search for green lace xD
      Dyeing it would also be possible, thanks for the tip, maybe next time if I do want a color I can't find! :)

      I'm not afraid for that! I really like to work with unusual colors, it makes the item more unique. I knew the fabric had to be good so I spent more money on the fabric than usually :)
      The other colors were the wrong color or cheap looking, this color was perfect! *_*

  2. The dress turned out lovely!<3 And green might be an unusual colour, it suits you very well!

  3. I'm very impressed, the dress looks amazing! You did a wonderfull job at making it ♥ I really like the black lace, it looks pretty with the green fabric. And the dress suits you very well, very beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! :D :D
      I'm kind of impressed myself I wasn't aware that I already could make something like this :)

  4. Wauw... That looks like a whole lot of work.
    But it is sooo beautifull! and it looks amazing on you!

    1. It surely was, I worked many hours on it!
      Thank you so much! :D

  5. I love this dress from mmm and I sew it perfectly!!!I love ur socks too ^^

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      Those socks are one of my faves, I love socks from meta because they are so comfortable. :)