maandag 16 juli 2012

Gyaru Summer meeting

Hello ^____^

One week ago I went to the Gyaru Summer Picknick, for the gyaru's in the Netherlands and also for other Japanese street fashion. I'm really interesed in bohemian gyaru and hime gyaru so I thought maybe it's nice to go and to talk with other gyaru's about the style(s). It was also a great chance to wear my new green monster dress and to see some of my lolita friends!

I went to the meeting with my friend Ellis, which was so much fun because I hadn't talked with her for a while..(yes, the day before but before that it was tooo long ago)
It was a perfect day for a picknick,we were so lucky, the weather was so nice.. a little bit too hot if you ask me, I didn't expect that.. so I started wondering why I put on a blouse with long sleeves... T_T


What did we do?
Eating all the food :D

Delicious Fooooood *_*

Look at all the ducks, there were a lot of those.. sadly no little ones :(
Although those ducks weren't that nice, they wanted to steal our food and such!
One of them ate one of our cookies while we were taking the group picture!

More pictures~~
The sun was shining on our faces :(

         Wearing lolita is so serious, hahha!
       Time for trolling!

Act like it's a roller coaster!

It was so much fun to meet new people, it was a nice meeting for sure! I was a little bit scared at first because it was a gyaru meet and most of the people I had never seen.. I'm always a little bit scared when it's about meeting new people...I always think that they won't like me... so silly I know!
Luckily the people I met were very nice and I learned a lot about gyaru! :) And everyone looked so pretty! Gyaru is such a lovely style! Of course the others looked very beautiful too! <3 I hope I can order my first gyaru outfit soon but I'm not sure if that's possible because there are more important things that I have to buy first.... *I'm also trying to get my dream dress*

Some picture avec moi ^__^

Then it was already time to go home..
I wanted to go home early only in the end it was still very late when I got home.
I didn't mind at all because I had a fun day AND I went to a nice take away wok restaurant:

yummy! :D

See you next time!

*pictures aren't mine*

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