zondag 24 juni 2012

Fly away fashion: dreamy summer days tea party

Just a quick update!! I'm sorry, I'm so busy...

Last week I went to the Fly away fashion tea party in Houten. Fly away fashion is a cute little lolita shop mostly with beautiful handmade items. On the 17th of June they held a tea party for lolitas.
It was so nice to see everyone again and meet new people!

I really liked their new collection and it was so very nice to take a look in the shop. So many amazing things! I bought wirstcuffs and later when I got home I ordered a wig, still waiting for that though!
I really loved the cupcakes, I ate to much of them,hahaha! They were so cute and pink I couldn't resist! <3

Let's show you a few photo's:

Group photo:

Myself & friends:

Josine's outfit is approved!

My own outfit~~


With Lory :D

That's all, I'm sorry if I forgot something Í'm too tired to think about it now.. :(
I just want to thank everyone for the great day! See you at the next tea party!
And I want to wish the girls from fly away fashion good luck at the Japan Expo!

Byebye <3

*Photos by Roos and Damien*

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