dinsdag 6 september 2011

sometimes even the right is wrong

Hello everyone!

Yeah all right.. I'm very angry on blogger now..
it's really annoying, blogger is destroying my posts, I write something and then it's gone -_-
Very annoying!

I'm sorry that I'm haven't post anything for a while, it's because of school and work,
it's very busy!

There is something else that may be interesting for you!
I'm really into pirates, and the VOC ( the Dutch east Indian compagnie) these days.
It's not that I like the things they did wrong, of course not..
The clothes, the decorations and the paintings those are the things I like. ^_^
I told all of you before that I want to change my rooms ( yes, I have two rooms, one bedroom and one for relexing)
I sure now: I want to have a sort of pirate/sailor room with nice paintings, old furniture, fishnets and many more of those things.
And of course a mathcing outfit, what's a pirate room without a pirate (lolita) outfit!
I'm going to use wallpaper of one wall, it's a very old fashioned wallpapar, it looks like something my granny would have and the others walls are going to be light brown, it's nearly white but you still can see a little bit brown in it.
Oh and I found a old chair, a really beautiful one, I totally love it! Only there is one problem, the chair needs renovation and I don't know if I can afford that. I hope so. ^^ ( pictures will follow very soon)

Some inspiration pictures for clothes and my room:

I haven't much inspiration pictures, it's not easy to find something..
If you have any ideas, please tell them to me, I would love to hear them, just post a comment. ^^
And what how do you think about my 'pirate' room?

And yay a new follower! Thank you! ^^
Next post will be a outfit post, for the interested!

See you next time!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. A pirate room! That sound so awesome!!! :D
    I think old fanshioned dark brown heavy wooden furniture would look really perfect for a pirate themed room, like in the cabin of a captain.

    And the last picture you posted, I really like her and everytime I see her in the movies it reminds me a bit of dolly kei as well.

    Anyways, I am definately looking forward to the pictures of your room once it is finished! =D (And work in progress pics are nice too! ^^)

  2. Oh that's awesome, a pirate room!
    I'm curious of how your room eventually will look like. Please show us when it is all done ^^

    And I like your inspirational photo's!

  3. I'm going to show some progress pictures soon and of course I will show you my room when it's finished. :D

    @ Debbie: Thank you! It's sounds awesome, I hope it's going to be as awesome as it sounds! :D

    Brown old fashioned furniture sounds nice, it would be so nice if my room would look like a cabin of a captain!

    Oh Tia Dalma, she is amazing! She is one of my favourite character in the pirates movies. ^^

    @ Denise: Thank you! I'm also very curious myself hihi. ^^

  4. Oeh, nice! Now I want a pirate room too xD
    I would love to see the progress of your room ^^

  5. Hahaha,that would be fun, than we both have a pirate room xD
    I will post some progress pictures very soon, stay tuned!