dinsdag 20 september 2011

Back to Black (EFF arcen 2011)

It's already a week ago since my last post on this blog..
The time is moving so fast, I couldn't find time for blogging last week.
I want to tell something about the Elf Fantasy Fair from this weekend, I went on Sunday.

The Elf Fantasy Fair is an outdoor fantasy event in the Netherlands which is traditionally held in April since 2001, but from 2009 it is held twice per year in Haarzuilens (in April at Castle de Haar) and in Arcen (in September at Castle Arcen). The Haarzuilens fair is the largest fantasy event in Europe and attracts some 22,500 visitors every year. The fair is managed by Stefan Struik since 2008, who also initiated the event in 2001. Apart from fantasy there is also representation from the science fiction, LARP, gothic, manga, cosplay and historical reenactment genres.

Since two years I go to both of the fairs, the one in Haarzuilens and to the one in Arcen. I have to admit, I like the fair in Arcen more, that's because of the location. For me it's very easy to travel to Arcen, it's only 20 minutes by car. The parc is very beautiful and there are lots of places without all the people so you can rest a little bit if you want to.

An impression of the parc:

Let's show you some more pictures from Sunday:

And some pictures from me & friends ^_^
Look at the shoes, I'm wearing Marcella's shoes xD

I think one of these days I will find some more pictures, if I like them I will post them on my blog!

About my outfit:
I decided to wear something black, everything in the outfit had to be black, silver or gold.
My theme was to look like a cute gothic lady, the make-up is Amy Winehouse inspired.
Although you cannot see it very well! I'm trying to improve my make-up skills, I hate it when people
can't see it while I worked so hard on it  >.<
I like this outfit, I spent much money on it but it's worth it... I do not regret it, I love gothic lolita.
At the moment more than sweet lolita.

Outfit snapshot:

Blouse: H&M
Socks: Metamorphose
Stockings: offbrand
Shoes: bodyline
Wig: Lockshop
Headdress: Rosa Nitida
Jewerly: Midi Nette & offbrand

About the Elf Fantasy Fair itself:
It was so much fun! I saw lots of amazing people who wore such a beautiful outfits,
I listened to some nice bands (and some awful bands xD), I met some of my friends and I met new nice people. One day is way to short, I wish I can go the whole weekend next year.
This year I couldn't go on Saterday because of my best friends' birthday, that's more important than the EFF of course!

Thank you for reading!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Seriously, I love this outfit on you ♥
    You must wear gothic more often, it looks fantastic~
    And I like your make-up! I know what it feels like, when you spend some effort in you make-up, and nobody noticed it.
    The photo of you wearing those platform boots is great, haha!
    I have never been to the Arcen location before, but maybe I should go there as well next time.

  2. Thank you! :D
    I want to wear gothic more often, I don't feel like wearing sweet clothes at the moment.
    Those platform boots are awesome! I love them, I want boots like that myself. ^___^
    The EFF in Arcen is so much fun, next time you have to go! ^^

  3. Je ziet er erg mooi uit! :D En gothic staat je inderdaad heel goed!
    En ook ik ken het verhaal van veel tijd aan make-up spenderen en -helemaal op foto's- zie je het niet terug; op foto's zie je zelfs mijn nepwimpers niet terug, terwijl die heel erg opvallend zijn IRL. Ach ja. Weinig aan te doen helaas. :/
    Maar fijn dat je zo'n leuke dag hebt gehad!

  4. Dank je :D
    Dat is altijd zo vervelend! Dan doe je zo je best...
    Mijn nepwimpers zie je meestal wel, ik moet ze ook opdoen anders lijkt het net of ik geen wimpers heb.
    Ik heb namelijk hele korte wimpers T_T

    Dank je, ik ben ook erg bij dat het leuk was.
    Even niet meer denken aan al die dingen die ik voor school moest doen.

  5. Wauw het staat je echt prachtig ^^
    Ik herkend dat make-up probleem.

    Archen ziet er prachtig uit! Ik ga misschien volgend jaar ook ^^.

  6. Dank je! ^___^
    Arcen is echt prachtig! Als je volgend jaar kunt gaan moet je dat zeker doen! :D

  7. De outfit staat je echt goed! Arcen is idd een mooie locatie, misschien dat ik volgend jaar ook kom :P

  8. Dank je!! ^^
    Yay, leuk dat je volgend jaar misschien ook komt!

  9. Ik herkende je helemaal niet, moest 2 x kijken. Echt mooi Anne. Black is your colour honey

  10. Dank je! :D
    Haha ik moest zelf ook twee keer kijken in de spiegel, ik herkende mezelf haast niet. :P