zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Mind the gap!

On Thursday night started my school trip to London.
Unfortunately I didn't sleep well because
the other people in the bus thought they didn't need any sleep and were so noisy.
The first thing I want to say: Go never to London by bus, train or boat if you want to sleep :P
When we arrived it was six o'clock in the morning, it was a little bit too early to shop or to visit some
tourist attractions.
My friends and I went to subway first but some of us couldn't pay because their debit cards were not accepted.
Luckily we found a bank very soon! After that we went with the subway to the nearest disney store because most of my friends are huge disney fans.
The disney store where we went to was very new and we were the first costumers of that day so we were allowed to open the store with the special disney key ^_^

 We were very tired that's why we went to Hyde Park to get some rest and to have our lunch. 
The last 'real' thing we went to was Camden Market and I loved it there.
So much people and they are all so different, I don't think that's negative, I think that's great those people are who they are! I visited some lolita stores, gothic stores and the cyberdog that's a cybergoth store. *correct me if I'm wrong*
After that we went shopping again but everyone was so tired, we were happy that we could go back to the bus and sleep!
I've had a nice day, I definitely going back to London there is so much left to see and to do!
When you go to London it's useful to buy a dayticket for the subway, that's why we could see so much things but always mind the gap ^_~  *I don't like the subway when it busy, but walking is a lot worse*
The things I bought:

Gifts for  friends and my grandmother. I hope they will like the gifts! ^___^
Happy International Lolita Day Everyone!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. London lijkt me zo gaaf om naar toe te gaan!
    En Cyberdog is inderdaad een cyber winkel, lijkt me leuk om die eens te bezoeken.
    Super dat jullie die Disney winkel open mochten maken <3

    En fijne Lolita dag!

  2. Het is er inderdaad heel gaaf! Het is zeker de moeite waard om te gaan ^^
    Cyberdog is echt super! Die winkel is enorm, 3 verdiepingen kleding *_*
    Dat we de Disney winkel mochten open was heel erg leuk, wij kwamen er zo aan lopen en toen vroeg een van de winkelmedewerkers:
    Do you like Disney? wij allemaal Yes hahaha :P
    En toen mochten we de winkelen 'openen' ,ik denk dat ze dat doen omdat ze net verhuisd waren..

    Jij ook een fijne lolitadag! ^^