zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Minifee Ante

A few days ago I checked the blog from the BJD company Fairyland and I saw that they wanted to release a super cute doll. Fairyland has a new body for their dolls so they decided to release a new doll together with that new body. I really like the doll, it's a minifee Ante. I always loved the Ante mold so I'm extremely happy because of it! <3 <3 <3 

She is so adorable, just like a little angel.

I'm not really sure about the body, it's so mature. why did they give her those enormous boobs? She has this young face, it doesn't match well... 

Last week I was sure I didn't want to buy any more dolls from Fairyland and right after that they decided to release a MNF Ante? I guess I will always fail at  not buying any dolls from Fairyland,hahaha! The fullset is lovely, just look at all details. That's why I love Fairyland's clothing, everything is beautiful and so detailed. Now I'm sure I want to have this doll, she is my new dream doll.However I was not planning to buy a new minifee I was saving up for a new doll. Not according to plan, but one can changes plans, right? I wish I could buy her right now with fullset and everything, unfortunately it's not possible. It's a huge amount of money for me (I'm just a poor student) and I can't spend it right now because I don't even have that much money. T_T 

I will work hard and hopefully I'm able to buy her as soon as possible. I think it's already too late for the fullset because they always sell out very quickly. I'm a little bit sad about it, I would really like to have the fullset but I already found another cute outfit for her. I don't know her name yet, I'm going to think about that for a while... I do know she is going to be a magical school girl. I just can't wait to have her here at home!!! ^__^

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  1. Same problem here :P When I saw her I was sold! I really wanted her, but then I decided for once not to buy her impulsive. Because I do not have much money either hihi. Now I am doubting, Minifee Ante or Minifee Mirwen. I will probably have to do a lay away. I really hope that you will be more lucky then me :3 Cause I would realy like to see what you make of her. :D Your awesome! :3 *hugs*

    1. Aww too bad! The same here, I can't buy her now. Why does fairyland always release new dolls when I don't have money for it? Minifee Mirwen is also very beautiful, I can understand why you are doubting! Good luck with choosing a doll. ^__^ Please tell me if you know which doll you want, I'm really curious. I already went to my local BJD shop for some advice about Minifee Ante. They told me it was a miracle that the full set wasn't sold out already and she probably will be in a week. I'm a little bit sad about it only I can also buy her as a la carte doll and then I can save up a little bit longer. I will definitely show her on my blog when she's here at home. Thank you very much, you are awesome too!! :) Thank you for your nice message. ^__^