donderdag 16 mei 2013

In the spotlight: Alpacasso

From now on I will talk once in a while about my interests, things I like or just something random. I have many interest, I thought maybe my followers want to know this. Today I will start with Alpacasso, if you never heard of it you probably think what's Alpacasso?! I will explain it! Alpacasso's are alpaca plushies, alpacas are fluffy animals, most people say they look like lamas but the truth is that those are two different species. Alpacas and lamas do share the same ancestors. 

Difference between the species.

So, why alpacas? Because alpacas are super cute of course!
They need more love, everyone likes cats, bunnies and dogs but there are so many people who have never heard of alpacas. 
Yes,yes now more about the plushies itself. Alpacasso are from Japan, you can also call them Arpakasso or Alpakasso. The company Amuse who makes them uses different therms. There are many different Alpacasso series for example the Eden series or the Play Color series. 

They are so cute, I think!!
One of my favorite shops is going to sell Alpacasso starting from this weekend. I'm really curious about their stock. 
Please take a look at their website Fly Away Fashion.
And take a look at this tumblr page, there is some useful information about Non-Amuse Alpacasso vs Amuse Alpacasso.

What do you think? Do you like Alpacasso?

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    1. Dat zijn ze zeker! Vooral die gezichtjes zijn zo lief! <3

  2. They are so cute <3 I am hoping they will sell some at Animecon to, last year at Abunai they had them to :D I really want to have a pink Arpakasso :D I am also trying to find one for my mnf chloe :3

    1. Aww that's so cute a little Arpakasso for you mnf chloe. I hope you are able to get a pink one. ^__^
      If you aren't able to get one at Animecon, you can check out this site:
      It's a Dutch webshop and they also have a physical store. They are going to sell Arpakasso from this weekend.( I suppose you are from the Netherlands if you are going to Animecon and Abunai) I'm going to buy my new one there~~

    2. Hello! are you interested in selling the yellow llama eden? I've been looking for one for a long time! i would give him a good home if you are willing to part with him?

  3. <3 jes indeed I am dutch :D I am keeping my eye on that web shop since a while, actually since I started reading your blog, I think 4 months ago because you mentioned it in your blog. . I love you blog, and I will definitely do that if I can not find one on Animecon. Thank you for you advice :D *hugs*

  4. I thought so! :) Thank you so much for liking my blog!! <3
    It's a nice shop/webshop, the owner is also very friendly. It's all safe and trust-able to buy something at Fly Away Fashion. I buy my shoes there often ~~ I hope you are able to find an alpacasso. ^__^