zaterdag 23 maart 2013

4 O'Clock review

A few months ago I commissioned Linda Friesen from 4 O'Clock to make a dress for me. I already have the dress here at home for about two months so I'm a little bit late with the review. I just want to share my experiences with 4 O'Clock with other lolitas. And I also promised Linda to review the dress I commissioned. Let's start with the review!

The brand
About 4 O'Clock:

4 O'Clock by Linda Friesen. A brand that specializes in creating elegant custom made doll-like garments. (from facebook)

4 O'Clock is an indie lolita brand located in the Netherlands and every item they sell is made and designed by Linda Friesen. It's an unique brand which sells amazing dress, skirts and much more. Every item is custom made that's why 4 O'Clock doesn't have clothing in stock because every item is specially made for you!

The Design 
I asked Linda to make a Rococo inspired black dress for me, even though I wanted have a Rococo inspired dress I wanted to keep it simple and elegant. The design ended up even more beautiful then I ever could expect. It's such an amazing dress, I really love it.

The quality is very good, it's even better than most of my brand dresses. This dress fits perfectly, it's very clear that it's custom made for me. Most of my brand dresses do fit but I don't have much space left and most of the time I'm aware that it's a one size dress. The fabric is amazing, it makes me so happy. Every lolita dress should be made of high quality fabric I think. The lower layer of the dress is really soft and the top is made of high quality tulle. The tulle is all over the dress and the decorations are also made out of the same kind of tulle. However tulle is very vulnerable I always have to keep when I will be wearing this dress, only it was my decision to use that kind of fabric. It was also the intention that the tulle will fray a little bit because the dress get more of a old rococo doll feeling.


The lining

Baleen for the corset

The communication was very good, we used facebook to send each other messages. That's easy, isn't it?
Linda always replied in a few days, most of the time at the same day. She is very friendly, she also wanted to make the dress fit in my idea of a 'perfect dress'. I told her all of my ideas which I had in mind for the dress and she tried to note all that. Linda kept me up to date about the progress of the dress, which was very nice, I exactly knew when I could expect the dress to arrive.

There was also a sort of misunderstanding about the zipper of the dress, in the end it was all my fault but Linda stayed calm and helped me to understand how to use the zipper correctly. You might think why so much fuss about a zipper? The fabric of the dress is very vulnerable  it can't get stuck otherwise it will be damaging the dress.

The dress cost me 350 euro, it a lot of money but I think it's definitely worth it! Brand dresses are sold  for about the same price these days.

Shipping and arrival time

On 24 October I've send a message to Linda for information to get some information about commissioning a dress. The next day I got my answer and I decided to commission a dress from 4 O'Clock for real. On 30 October Linda started with the dress design, I knew it was going to take a little bit longer because she first had to finish another commission. A few weeks later I got instead of one design two designs from which I had to choose one, that was extremely difficult because I really liked both designs. At 24 November I decided which design I wanted to have. Linda started to work on the dress in the first week of December, the dress was finished at the end of December. My dress arrived at 7 January after the holidays. (it arrived two days after Linda sent it to me) I didn't want Linda to send the package between Christmas and New Year, the postal service in the Netherlands isn't very reliable then because it's extremely busy. I don't want to lose my dress before I even get it!

24 October 2012 ~~ 7 January 2013

I totally recommend to commission clothing from 4 O'Clock! The dress I ordered was well-made, made from high quality fabric, the communication was very good and the design is beautiful. I'm very happy with my dress and I would commission again from 4 O'Clock. This is how the dress looks like when it's worn by me. I'm still searching for some more accessories to make a more OTT coord with it. I hope you like the dress and I hope you know a little bit more about 4 O'Clock's clothing now.

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  1. It's one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, gorgeos! It must have been money well spend, as it suits you perfectly! ♥

  2. Thank you so much!!! :D
    It surely cost me a lot of money but I think it totally worth it. Why are all the pretty things so expensive? xD

  3. This is very helpful, thank you. :D I've been toying on-and-off with the idea of commissioning a 4 O' Clock dress myself, but just haven't been sure. :o It is really good to know the price too. This way I can know about what to save up before commission. :3 Thank you so much! ^_^ And you look absolutely gorgeous! :D

  4. Thank you very much! :) And you are welcome! I was also thinking about ordering a dress from 4 o'clock for long. I'm a student and I needed to save up for months to buy this dress. It was totally worth it, I'm still very happy with this dress. Good luck with saving up for your dress!

  5. So beautiful! This brand is a real gem :)