zondag 7 oktober 2012

Demon Lolita

I promised to show some photos of the Elf fantasy fair when I got them all. There is one problem, I don't have every photo, I'm still waiting for a few... It's not a problem at all, everyone is very busy, I understand because I'm so busy myself! I'm still hoping that I get every picture. ^___^

I decided to show you some of my favorite pictures, I already have...

With my friend Rosy
Photographer: Pieter Rijnaard

Photographer: Ed de Jong

 photographer: Niek Vermeulen

With Marjolein and Rosy in the background.

Photographer: Lucaz Photography

That's all I have for now!

About my outfit
I wanted to wear something different this year, only I still wanted to wear lolita.
That's why I decided to combine lolita with demon horns. It's still lolita, with a little fantasy touch, which is more suitable for the Elf Fantasy Fair. The dress is handmade, I really wanted to wear because the last time I wore the dress it was July, I think. So long ago! 
My theme of the day was Demon Princess, it's was nice to look like a elegant demon for one day. 
I wanted to try something dark and different so I used some fantasy items and the colors green, black and gold. I hope you all like it! 

Dress: Handmade
Blouse: H&M
Socks: Metamorphose
Necklace: Michal Negrin
Brooch: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Bodyline
Horns: I bought them at Summer Darkness
Rest: Offbrand

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You look lovely ♥ I think it's a nice touch that you had added the hors to the outfit. I'm still very in love with your handmade dress. You really did an amazing job at making it. Do you have some more dresses in mind that you want to sew? ^^

    1. Thank you!♥ I still happy how the dress turned out, I still need to fix some little flaws only I haven't got the time. I have so many dress in mind, I got two problems: I can't find all the fabrics I want and I have too little to make clothing. The first thing I want to make is a classic dress :) Recently I saw the classic skirt I made a year ago and I fell in love immediately,it's not mine anymore but it wasn't my intention to make it for myself, now I'm sure that I want a classic dress myself! :D

  2. Green suits you so well! :D
    And I really like the hair!

  3. OMIGOSh,ur outfit is just epic wonderful *___*