vrijdag 28 september 2012

Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen 2012

Hello dear readers! <3

I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair two weeks ago, the event was held in Arcen. More information about the elf fantasy fair Arcen in this post.

The day before I tried my make up and wig, it looked like this:

    Ignore the crappy photo, it's taken with my phone when it was dark.
  Also ignore the blue Adidas cardigan...

Some more pictures:

The fish and I!

I don't have every picture from that day, I'm going to put everything I like on my blog.
I just have to wait for a few days, I'm still waiting for half of the pictures.
My thoughts about the EFF 2012 Arcen:
It was so much fun! I really appreaciate how much effort people put in searching for/making/designing/ such amazing outfits. ^__^
Believe me, you can't imagine what I saw at the EFF...
The weather was so nice which that made my day.
And I saw a few friends again, I'm so busy with my studies that I don't have time to visit them very often.

Stay tuned, more will follow!

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