maandag 9 mei 2011

Lolita's at the zoo!

Hello everyone, ^_^

Yesterday I went with some lolita friends to the zoo.We went to Blijdorp in Rotterdam
 I've made lots of fun!Everyone looked so pretty!
We saw a lot of animals but I liked the penguins the most, I like the way they walk :P
There were also many young animals and they were so cute!
Unfortunatly the weather was far too warm so most of the animals were a little bit lazy...
I want you to show some pictures, most of them are not lolita like.
I hope someone else has some pictures of how we looked like.
I want a jellyfish like petticoat xD
Thank you ladies for the nice day!
Next time I will take more pictures ^_~

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Het was erg gezellig!
    Ik ben nu mijn foto's aan het uploaden en zal ze daarna posten ^^

  2. Ja, ik heb het heel erg naar mijn zin gehad!
    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de foto's die je gemaakt hebt. ^^