vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Lolita Meme

I want to say sorry to everyone because I haven’t post something on my blog the past days. I was very busy with school because I have exams this week and next week!
I saw this meme a long time ago on Velvetbat’s blog and I thought it was fun to fill out this meme ^_^


What colours can be found in your Lolita closet?
In my Lolita closet you can find lots of pink and some black clothes

What is your favourite colour with Lolita?.
Definitely Pink. I love to wear pink, it makes me feel girly and princess like. Maybe I like pink at the moment so much because I hated it when I was a young girl. I never wanted to wear pink when I was young, now I have to keep up with wearing pink clothes :P
When I was younger I would never wear this xD


What is your least favourite colour in Lolita?
I think that would be brown, it’s not that I don’t like brown, I love brown Lolita clothes but I don’t want to wear them myself.

Which uncommon colour do you want to try out?
Yellow, I love yellow in Lolita. Not many Lolita’s wear yellow and that makes me kind of sad.. Angelic Pretty has some yellow prints and I adore them, they are so cute ^_^


Are you more a Onepiece, Jumperskirt or a Skirt person?
I’m a Jumperskirt person. I don’t like skirts and I’ve never bought
A Onepiece, I can’t tell you if I like them more than Jumperskirts ^_~

Which cut do you like the best?
I don’t have a favorite one cut. When I like the dress enough to buy it, it doesn’t matter which cut it is.

Print or no Print?
That’s not easy for me, I like both! Most of the people who know me would say: ’’ you are definitely a person that prefers print above no print!’’ But it’s not completely true. I love prints and I also like ‘old school’ Lolita clothes without print. I’m for sure you know them, those dresses and skirts with beautiful lace and more simple designs. I totally adore them ~~ I’m not making it easy for myself to choose xD But I think I prefer print, it makes the dress or the skirt a little bit more special and I wear JSK’s or skirts with print more often than no print. My answer is Print ~~

How does a dress/skirt have to look like that it will be a "must have" item for you?
I think it has to be something with a cute print or something with nice lace.


What is your favourite style in Lolita?
Sweet Lolita. I like this style the most because I love cute things.

Which style do you wear regularly?
Sweet Lolita and Gothic Lolita.

Which style you want to try out?
Pirate Lolita, I’m not sure if it’s a real Lolita style but I think it’s a style. That’s enough for me ^_~ I’m a big pirates of the Caribbean fan and I love the costume which the actors wear in the film and I want to wear something like that with some Lolita influence.

Which style you never want to try out/wear again?
I don’t think I’m ever going to wear shiro Lolita. I’m very pale and I don’t want to look like a ghost xD


Brands yes or no and why?Yes, I like brands! No.. I don’t like them, I love them. I’m a very picky person with clothes, not only Lolita clothes also normal clothes. I think there is nothing wrong with offbrand clothes, they can be pretty too, but I think brand clothes are more interesting. I love details and they have to be (nearly) perfect.

Which brand is your favourite?

Angelic Pretty ! ^_^ I love Angelic Pretty it really is my favourite brand.
Their prints are lovely with those cute bunnies ,bears, little sheep , sweets and many more ~~ I also love their simple dresses and jumperskirts especially the older ones.
Which is your least favourite brand?
Maxicimam, I don’t like most of their clothes only their cardigans. I think most the clothes look a little bit cheap.

Ever had a good/bad experience with brand?
Only good experience!

Will this experience encourage/stop you from buying brand?.
Yes, I’ve had only good experience with brands so that encourage me from buying brand.


Did you ever got surprised by a piece of Lolita?
Yes, I was very surprised when my moi-meme-moitie skirt arrived. I thought the skirt would be made of a thick fabric but it was very thin. Nevertheless is this skirt so beautiful, it is one of my favorite Lolita pieces.

Did you ever got disappointed by a piece of Lolita?

Things that you like about Lolita?
I like the style, because it’s cute and it makes me feel beautiful when I wear it. And I love to go to meetings and meet new people who also love the style.

Things that you dislike on Lolita?
I dislike the so called Lolita rules. People have to have more  confidence to try out some new things and not be afraid of what other people think about that. I think it’s a good thing that there are rules but rules are more like guidelines~~

Do you have a Lolita fashion idol, if 'yes' who is it?
Yes, my Lolita fashion idols are Mana, and Misako. I admire them a lot, and they look beautiful! *Mana most of the time :P  I don’t want to talk about the dresses when he looks pregnant when he wears them xD and other weird motie things.. * And Misako looks so cute, she is definitely one of the most beautiful Lolita girls I’ve ever seen.

Does Lolita affect your every day life?
A little bit, I check every day some Lolita sites. And I blog a lot :P I don’t wear Lolita every day so it doesn’t affect my every day life that much. I love Lolita fashion but it isn’t a lifestyle for me, I see it as a sort of hobby.

Do you buy Lolita related things, like cute looking furniture?
I buy Lolita related things: Hello Kitty, stuffed animals, Polly Pocket and Lolita things for my Ball Jointed Dolls

Do you read/buy the Gothic Lolita Bible?
I read the Gothic Lolita Bible and I own a few Gothic Lolita Bibles but I don’t buy them very often.

How to you describe your fashion style to others that don´t know about Lolita?
The first thing I always say is: It’s a fashion style from Japan and it’s called Lolita. It has nothing to do with the book, and the style is not meant to look sexy. I the girls (or boys) who wear Lolita look like a sort of dolls with a little bit gothic influence. Lolita is influenced by the rococo era.

Is there something you want to say to your fellow Lolitas?
Be happy! When you want wear Lolita don’t let anyone say to you that you can’t wear the style! Everyone can wear it as long as you have fun! ^_^

Thank you for reading all this! ^_^ I hope I haven’t made too much mistakes, English is not my first language..

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  1. Erg leuk om te lezen! En sowieso leuk dat je hem ook invulde en op je blog hebt geplaatst. ^__^

  2. Dank je! ^^
    Ik vond het ook erg leuk om in te vullen en ik vond het ook erg leuk om die van jou te lezen!
    Ik vind het altijd leuk om te lezen hoe andere lolita's over lolita denken ^_^