woensdag 27 april 2011

Saving for a new doll

 I saw Haz on the site of Crobidoll and I fell in love with that doll!
He is so cute! I don't know why but I've never thought
of buying a doll with teeth. It's not that I think that dolls with teeth are ugly, that's absolutly false.
Most of the time I think it's a little bit too realistic. I want my doll to look like dolls not like
humans! This time is different I think those teeth make him even cuter.
I'm saving up for him and that's going well ~~
I'm happy about that because I want to buy him as soon as possible.
Yesterday I've sent a message to a face-up artist (ClockworkAngel)
to do his face-up when he arrives.
Today I received a message from her and she said that she loved to
do his face-up. I'm so happy about that! Her face-ups are so beautiful!
First I have to save up for him, you can't buy things when you don't have
money for it ! ^_~
Saving is always very difficult, only it isn't that stupid because I have a
fun job.
As soon as I finish my exams I'm going to order him...
I'm very excited, it's the first doll that I'm going to order myself. I bought
the other dolls by Think Pink, it's a lot easier, you just have to wait for
your doll and you haven't got the stress about customs and other things..
I hope everything is going to be ok when I order him!
Enough talking about him, I'm going to show you some pictures:

Crobidoll Haz (Noah) from Kyoya

Isn't he a cute doll?
Thanks for reading all this ^_~

2 opmerkingen:

  1. He's gorgeos!!
    I love crobidoll..they have such pretty boys..
    If I want to buy another doll I would buy Crobidoll Ys..Its in my wishlist for some time :p

  2. Thank you!
    I love crobidoll too! It's like a dream for me to buy a doll of them.
    Crobidoll Ys is very beautiful! I hope you
    can buy him sometime. ;)