maandag 11 april 2011

My dolls

Two years ago I started to 'collect' Ball Jointed Dolls.
I know about those dolls because of lolita: I saw a doll in a
beautiful lolita dress and I wanted to know what kind of doll it was.
That's how I found out what Ball Jointed Dolls are.
At the same time a shop with BJD's was opened in a city close to the village where I live.

At the moment I have got 4 dolls and I going to tell something about them:

This is Miki. She is a sort of ghost and she is inmortal.
She only wears clothes with white in it, that's her favorite color.
She is quiet and a little bit shy.
I got Miki two years ago, she was a birthday gift from my mother.

This is Nono she is named after the ex-gitarist from v(neu) (a japanese band)
Nono's best friend is Fritzke that's my cat.
Nono is a normal girl and she loves bunnies, cats and cute clothes.

This is Kamijo he looks a little bit girly but he is a guy :P
Kamijo is a elf.
He likes: listening to music, make-up, drawing, buying clothes and singing.
Kamijo is named after the singer from the band Versailles.

Maya is also a elf. I love elfs and I love dolls that's why I have two elf dolls!
I designed his outfit and that was fun to do!
This were short descriptions of my dolls. I hope you will like my dolls!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. je hebt mooie dolls! Vind Maya er denk ik het leukste uitzien ^^

  2. Dank je!
    Ik vind Maya nu ook echt heel erg leuk maar op het begin was dat wel anders, ik had echt heel veel problemen om te 'binden' met hem.