donderdag 31 mei 2012

Back in time~~

Hello ^__^

Some of you may noticed it, I was away for 1,5 week! One of my biggest dreams came true!
So... what was I doing? I went to Iceland! :D

Yes,yes, Iceland... Not the most popular land to go on holiday. I really don't mind that, it's not noisy and crowed around there. I really need that sometimes~~
It was amazing, absolutely breathtaking! <3 It such an amazing country!
The first few days (maybe weeks) I'm going to tell about it on my blog and show a lot of pictures of course! Stay tuned if you want to hear/see more about my holiday!

A few of my favourite pictures:

There are more pictures I really love but I will show you later!
Please ignore that some pictures are crappy, my camera isn't that well...

Byebye! <3

14 opmerkingen:

  1. The landscape looks so surreal, it's must have been amazing to see everything ♥ It's one of those places that will take away your breath!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing!<3 I would love to go there someday and just breathe the fresh air and enjoy nature!

    1. You have to go there! It's so pretty and calm and there is a lot of fresh air xD
      When I came back I could only smell how dirty the air is here in the Netherlands...

  3. Wauw! echt prachtig, ik ben echt stik jarloes!

  4. It looks really beautiful there! *__*

  5. It looks so beautiful *.* Can't wait to see the other pictures!

    1. It was even more beautiful in real life!
      The other picture will be on my blog soon :D

  6. Must not go al geographic on those pictures!!! asdf

    They are all very lovely, but when you typed that your camera isn't well I imagines a sick camera |D

    Now I want to go to Iceland myself.

    1. Hahaha, probably I won't understand much about it when you go all geographic xD

      My camera is always ill, lol :P I guess I typed to fast!

      You have to, some day! I already want to go back there ^__^