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LBC: My favorite dress

My favorite dress, I never thought this would be so difficult. My favorite dress never was a dream dress of mine, you might be wondering why I even bought it. My favorite dress is the Holy Stained Glass from Moi-même-Moitié in Silver x Black.

Let me tell your more about this dress and let me tell you why this dress is so special to me even when it's not my dream dress. It feels really weird to say but this dress was meant for me,  I needed to have it and not because it was so beautiful. This sounds a little bit vague...
Let me explain it! I really liked this dress when Moi-même-Moitié released it, I fell in love white the shape of the dress. And look at the print it's amazing especially the glitters! There aren't many people who can tell that they have a dress with sparkling saints. ^_~
That's why I started saving up for it, I guess it didn't went that well only I graduated from high school so I could pick a gift. My mom thought it was ridiculous to give me a expensive dress like that, it wasn't something that I would like forever. I asked my dad and I was very lucky, he decided to partially pay for my dress because of my graduation. So... I can tell you, it was a partially gift from my dad which meant so much for me. I was so happy! ^___^
That's the first reason why I think this dress is more special than my other dresses. 

Only when the dress arrived after three week or something, I had to pay a huge amount of custom taxes. I think half of the whole amount... That day so my mom opened the door and had to pay for the taxes. After I payed she was furious, she found out the price of the dress and about the custom taxes of course. I was really surprised  I've had already warned her about the taxes and such.. She didn't have to pay it herself, so I didn't get all the fuss. Only every week I began to feel more and more ashamed that I bought a dress of such a huge amount of money... And those custom taxes I was so furious about that why did I always have to pay so much money? It's unfair some people never get those!

That's why I started to hate the dress, I thought wasn't worth a dress from Moi-même-Moitié...I wore the dress once then I really wanted to sell it.. I didn't wanted to have that dress anymore.  I hated it, it had to go! Unfortunately (??) I couldn't sell it... there was nobody who could offer me that large amount of money or trade the dress. Every meetup I said, this is the last time I wear this dress. It's a goodbye, this time for sure. Only I wore the dress more and more... I've never had a lolita dress which I wore more than ten times. That's why I started to like it, all those times and all those good memories I have when I wore that pretty dress.

The last reason why I could NEVER sell this dress has something to do with a deeper meaning. With the recordings of a Dutch television program I wore the Holy Stained Glass. So... I was on TV while I was wearing this dress! I guess that's great?!  ^__^
The reason why I wore this dress wasn't nice.. I knew I was going to loose someone important in a few days. I had to wear my memorial cake that day only I couldn't... you should not wear pink dresses in a situation like that.
My outfit from that day was a memorial outfit, to show my last honor.

This dress is so much more than just a dress. It has so many reason why I love it with all my heart, not because it's a beautiful dress, it's because all those memories. Many good memories and many bad memories, this dress remembers me not to give up and follow my dreams. This dress remembers me to think twice if you want something and not to judge in advance. Although I didn't like this dress first, I even hated it for a while, it's my favorite dress. The most important one this dress remembers me of friendship, of all those nice days I've had with my friends. And hopefully for all those days that will going to happen in the future.

Some pictures

Outfit tea party

I hope you understand why the Holy Stained Glass is my favorite dress...
I would love the hear all your stories about your favorite dresses! Please tell me! ^__^

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10 opmerkingen:

  1. Your post is so sweet <3 and the dress it's so wonderful...I started liking it more after reading your post! I'm serious :)

    It's always beautiful to hear how much important Lolita (dresses and the fashion itself) can be for a person...

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad to hear that you like the dress more after reading my post. :D

      I never thought a dress could be so important for me because it's just a piece of clothing (however I think it's a beautiful dress) only the story behind the dress is very dear to me.

  2. Oh gosh that's a very interesting story. I never went through that kind of thing because even when i still lived with my parents they always refused to give me money for any hobbies. In fact after saving a lot for lolita (really hard) I had to lie about how much things cost otherwise my mother would react the same way your mother did.
    I think the dress looks amazing on you though and i actually have the matching bag (got it new when it came out too) and i love the sparkling print as well. It has amazing details. I would love to own the op myself. Maybe one day...
    I loved your post, thank you so much for sharing.
    *couldn't find my blog on your list though, you probably forgot. <3*

    1. My parents usually don't like to give me things like that. My mom always says that it's my own hobby so I have save up for it myself. She would never buy me brand things only she really likes to give me small lolita inspired items. I don't think she have to, I don't mind saving up for it myself. My dad is different he doesn't usually give me anything that's why I was really surprised that he offered to pay my dress partially. I asked it him more as a joke, I never meant it serious. I guess I was lucky?

      In the beginning my mom really hated it that I was spending so much money on dresses. She still don't like it only I don't lie anymore about the prices. So unfortunate that you had to lie about it too.. I guess parents don't like their children to spent much money on clothing?

      Thank you very much! I didn't know that the bag had a sparkling print too... You are so lucky to have it :) I could only afford the jsk, hahha :P I hope you are able to get the OP one day. ^__^

      * I add the link to your blog to this post I'm sorry that I forgot it, I shouldn't blog without my contacts/glasses because I always forget little things without them... *

  3. What a story!
    I understand the mom part...Once my Mary Magdalene dress got taxed and was A HUGE AMOUNT too ;_; She managed to see how much I've payed...
    The dress suits you so well, you look so pretty! And you managed to wear it on different ways, such as casual and gothic.

  4. Thank you so much! :D
    I really like to wear this dress more casually and over the top gothic because there are so many outfit possibilities with it. :D

    Aww that must be terrible, I understand how you felt back then :( I hope it won't happen again..

  5. I can fully understand that this is your favourite dress. What a story behind a dress! Even though you also had many bad memories with this dress, I do have to say that I think this dress looks amzing on you. You always manage to make a complete diggerent outfit with it, which shows you're a very creative person. ♥

    1. Thank you very much!!! <3
      The good memories are stronger than the bad ones and I don't think I would appreciate this dress so much without the bad memories.

      I'm so sorry for the late reply I never got a email about this message.. :(